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About Us - Brookie's Cookies

Our bakery produces thousands of cookies each week and we have sold millions of cookies over the years. We produce giant, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter cookies along with Brownies each week. Each one of our five children has worked in our business in some way. In 1996 we added "Baby Cookies" to our product line, a smaller cookie for those that may be overwhelmed by our "regular" quarter pound, 5 inch diameter cookies!

Brookie's CookiesWe began as Brookie's Cookies in the 1980's. We wanted to teach our children how to earn money for toys or treats, so we baked cookies and then sold them door to door in offices, stores and work places. Eventually some stores wanted to carry the cookies so we certified our home kitchen with the Department of Agriculture in 1991.


We started working out of our home in Central Point, Oregon; in 1998 we finally moved out of our home into a commercial building, but our cookies are still made the same "Homemade Way" with no artificial foods or preservatives. In 2010 we eliminated trans fat and chose more natural ingredients.  We believe the freshness, the high quality ingredients and our secret recipe (make 'em bigger and richer) contribute to the great taste. We all still love and eat our cookies after all these years, so we know they're good!


Oregon Cookie
Our advertising method is simple and highly effective. We give away cookies to some lucky person, sharing our story and telling them where the cookies can be purchased. Of course, we ask them to tell everyone that they are Brookie's Cookies!Brookie Cookie

In 2007 we incorporated as Oregon Cookies, Inc. and began distributing throughout the Northwest. Currently, via our web page, we are reaching the entire US including our military anywhere overseas! With our expanded vision and corresponding growth, we enlarged our slogan from “Sweetening Southern Oregon One Cookie at a Time” to “Sweetening the Universe One Cookie at a Time” and are in the process of changing our name from Brookie’s Cookies to www.OregonCookies.com, a name we think is better suited to reach the universe!
We are grateful to the many people that have told our story and encouraged people to buy Brookie's Cookies. Thank you!


Tom and Susan Szczesniak
www.OregonCookies.com / Brookie's Cookies


PS: Yes, we do have a daughter named Brooke!
PSS:  In the future look for the Brookie's Cookies name to be used locally in beautiful Southern Oregon for fund raising.  We started by teaching our kids how to raise money, and we hope to continue that educational purpose teaching kids to sell cookies, and probably cookie dough, for their own fund raising and business experience.