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Cookie Business

Business to Business - Wholesale and Large Orders:
We have distributed wholesale to convenience stores since 1991 offering a guaranteed sale as well as a 40% markup. The cookies are individually packaged and we provide a basket, napkin and sign with the nutritional information.
Many other types of clients re-sell our cookies: theatres, hospitals, schools, churches, coffee shops, restaurants and concessions. We also have many repeat customers for business meetings and holiday gift items.Cookie Business
Call us at 541-664-2592 or use our contact page to get in touch with us. We have another (sh-h-h, secret) product that we call Baby Cookies that are just right size to give away, about 3½ inches in diameter instead of our "regular" 1/4 pound size cookie. If you are wondering about an order of tens of thousands of cookies at a time, the answer is "yes". Millions? Not yet.
If you are in a hurry give us a call. At any given time we have thousands and thousands on hand and we offer an inexpensive, overnight delivery in most of Oregon, which means our cookies are fresh!
Let us know how we can help.
PS  Since we've grown from "Sweetening Southern Oregon One Cookie at a Time" to "Sweetening the Universe One Cookie at a Time", we are looking for ways to fulfill our mission.  Since the "Universe" is much bigger than the "World", our mission is not limited by what we see in this world.  We want to get our cookies off of the planet and influence things in a very, VERY big way.   Does anyone know an astronaut with a sweet tooth?  We need to talk...