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Cookie Factory | Central Point, OR

Cookie Maker


This is Maggie, our cookie maker. Her legal, given name is Vemag Robot 500 from Reiser, but we love each other, so we're on a nick name basis. She is our cookie portion control lead person in our Oregon Cookie factory.


Cookies Factory
Next in our Oregon Cookies factory is our wall of ovens. And yes, the smell is very good. We actually prefer the word "plant" over the word "factory". We call it "Plant Number 1". Not that there is a plant number two or anything, but it reminds us that a new location is in our near future.


Also, we do NOT need to be reminded of the need for more space. We have a well run, tight running production system. And it is so fine tuned because we have the finest people on the planet working for us!


Cookie Factory

Here is "Sally". Sally Sealer that is. Everybody is kind of quiet in these pictures...