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Cookies Online

The Story of Our Online Journey:
Many folks ask how we got started in the cookie business.  Good question.  It was totally unintentional, let me tell you.  It all started like this:  "Once upon a time, a family living in San Jose, CA was having trouble making ends meet.  With four small children at home and a sizeable portion of the monthly budget going for rent, how to bring in some extra cash was frequently the subject of the parents conversations.  

One day an idea came to the mother.  She thought she could bake chocolate chip cookies and sell them to hungry customers around town.  Lively discussion ensued about whether this was a practical idea.  Finally, it was decided that it probably wouldn't work.  Several days later, the 5-year-old son asked the mother the following question:  "If you are not going to bake cookies for you, would you bake them for me?  I want to buy a Lego set, and it costs $60.00.  Shocked and amazed at the fledgling entrepreneurial spirit displayed in front of her, the mother speedily agreed.  Whereupon the cookies were baked and promptly sold; two weekends later the small boy could be seen happily playing with his Lego set.  Online Cookie

Thus was birthed the idea of the cookie business.  Well, that family was us as you may have guessed.  Since we were home-schooling our four children I thought this would be a fun way to teach the kids some principles of economics and high finance.  We decided to hit the streets one day a week and sell cookies to workers in offices and stores.  I told our two oldest, Brooke and Daniel (the Lego boy) that if they worked hard they could earn enough to fly out to visit their grandparents in Michigan.  The name Brookie's Cookies suggested itself for obvious reasons, so we had business cards printed up for the kids; 10 weeks later they had $600 in their sticky little hands and went to buy airline tickets to see Grandpa and Grandma!

Online CookiesLater that year, we decided to move to the Rogue Valley in beautiful Southern Oregon.  While waiting for a promised job for my husband, we hit the streets once more with the whole family -- Mom and Dad and the four little kids ages 2,4,6,and 7 -- to earn our living by the sweat of our collective brow (with a few Happy Meals to sustain the weary)!  We were living in Rogue River, OR, so we went to businesses there and in nearby Grants Pass, OR.  Soon business owners were asking us to sell our cookies in their stores.  

Within two years our little home-school venture had spun into a full-time business and we have been going steady and strong ever since!  In 1996 we purchased a commercial building and moved our operation into what we lovingly referred to as "Plant #1"; this is a reminder that "Plant #2" and "Plant #3" and so on are in the realm of possibility!  Big cookies inspire big ideas!  Since our cookies are soft, chewy and fresh and we work very hard to deliver consistently high quality products to area stores, theatres and other businesses, we believe that the sky is truly the limit!  

Cookies OnlineRecently we changed our name to Oregon Cookies, Inc. to reflect our goal of "Sweetening Southern Oregon One Cookie at a Time".  The momentum of 17 years of excellence has propelled us into the World Wide Web, where our goal has shifted to include "Sweetening the Universe One Cookie at a Time!"  

We hope our little story has encouraged you.  Good things do happen in this life.  We give all the credit to our Creator, who gives us ALL things to enjoy... even COOKIES!  

Tip for immediate success:  Use your two and three-year-olds as salespeople.  Nobody can resist the appeal of a tiny tot holding out a basket of home-made cookies and asking, "Wanna buy a cookie?"



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