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From the Prez


Tom Szczesniak, President of the Fun

We Take Our Fun Seriously Around Here.



What does it mean to "Sweeten"?  Well, a Proverb says, "May our words be as sweet as honey, sweet to the soul." (Proverbs 16:24)  Everywhere we go, the Cookie Man or Cookie Lady, or Cookie Whoever has great, GREAT favor.  People love to see us.  Of course they do, we're bringing them a sweet treat! 


This kind of great favor we do not take for granted, but we recogznize how good God has been to us and we are grateful to Him.  When we are working, we know that we are on task, on our mission when we look for and take that moment of favor, and then use it to say something kind and of value to others.

We take care to do the buying and selling transaction well, being faithful in that little task, but then we look for the bigger transaction of giving and receiving.  Sometimes we'll give a cookie away.  We always look for an opportunity to do that.  It's our most effective advertising method done one on one.  But at every stop we try to have in mind, "Who is this person that I am talking to?  What are they going through?  How can I love them?  How do I see them doing a good job at their work?"  Then we look to encourage them and speak positive Words of Life.  

We get paid to make people happy!  A business with a purpose.  The cookies open the door for us.

It's an awesome business.  Others are always excited for us. rooting for us and always curous about our business.  But wait!!  There's more!! (As the TV commercial goes.) Listen to what my lovely Vice Prez, Susan has to say: Click here to read "From the Vice Prez".

Giant Cookies and a Free Greeting Card