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How To Make Your Own Fun Photos!

Cookie Photos Cookie Photos
Cookie Photos Cookie Photos
sta60582.jpg sta60588.jpg

Align your object with the object to be replaced, taking several shots
with an increasing awareness of how the two will fit together

You must shoot the same day, at the same time, with the same lighting.
otherwise you will know something is wrong with the photos, but you
won't be sure what it is. What's wrong is that the shadows go different directions.
Also two different light sources, like a sunny day and cloudy day, will look weird.

Kids - Fun With Cookies Kids - Fun With Cookies
Kids - Fun With Cookies Kids - Fun With Cookies

Tell some kids they can eat cookie dough when we're done
and also have their picture on your web page.

Take several shots and take the best selections out of those shots

Now find a friend to Photoshop the pieces together!


Kids Earning Money

Take many more photos that you think might work out for something.

Of course they never will work out, so you can put them at the end as an out-take, like this.

Speaking of Attention to Detail...


Best Looking Cookies

World's Biggest Cookie

Cookies on Wheels

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