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Why Send Cookies to Soldiers?

Because we care! That’s why. We care about our fighting men and women and the sacrifice they make. We care about the families of our soldiers who do what it takes while their loved ones are gone. We say thank you. THANK YOU! Thank you for defending our nation. Thank you for letting our children grow up and play in the street and ride bikes and walk around town with the freedom to sell cookies like our kids do.  


U.S. Soldiers

We come from a family of fighters. Here is a 1940s newspaper clipping about our uncles – a real page from our real scrap book.

U.S. Soldiers


United States Soldiers
No You May Not Have One of My Cookies.





Take a little time to reach out to the soldiers you know.  We are sure they will appreciate anything you send them! And if you need a little help, and we will do the baking for you and send a couple dozen fresh home-made cookies with a special greeting from YOU!